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Keyboard Piano 61 Keys (Kids Size Keys) Basic

Brand new electric Keyboard Piano 61 keys. Demo available at Supermenu store.

This electric 61 keys Keyboard Piano is perfect for kids to self-learn Keyboard Piano or to take it to Keyboard Piano lessons. 61 key Keyboard Piano is a kid size Keyboard Piano.

NZ power adapter is included for the Keyboard Piano.

Auction is for Keyboard Piano only, stand is sold separately. Please see our other listings with Keyboard Piano with stand.

Keyboard Piano going once! Keyboard Piano going twice! Keyboard Piano going in two minutes! Keyboard Piano going in one minute! Keyboard Piano is yours today from Supermenu!

Features of Keyboard Piano from Supermenu:
-61 keys Keyboard Piano
-200 different instrument tones in Keyboard Piano
-128 different beats in background in Keyboard Piano
-10 songs, bonus!
-61 different percussions in this Keyboard Piano
-Recordable with playback function *Supermenu Special*
-Sustain key available for this Keyboard Piano
-Can connect to headphone and microphone to this Keyboard Piano.

Specifications of Keyboard Piano from Supermenu:
-big display board showing notes perfect for learning note reading.
-NZ plug included with Keyboard Piano.
-loud speakers built-in Keyboard Piano.

Package of Keyboard Piano from Supermenu:
1 x 61 keys Keyboard Piano
1 x music note holder for Keyboard Piano *Supermenu Special*
1 x NZ adapter plug for Keyboard Piano

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