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Explore Our Remote-Controlled (RC) Toys for Recreation and Education

For hours of happy hobbying or family fun, discover our range of remote-controlled (RC) toys. These high-quality rechargeable and wireless cars, boats, and drones are controlled using handheld transmitters. Their motors and intricate electronic components allow the toys to perform convincingly on command.


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What's Available in the SuperMenu Store?

Our off-road RC cars for sale in NZ and intriguing sportscar and truck transformers are perfect for homemade or club routes. Our RC monster truck from NZ can tackle even the most exciting off-road obstacle courses. Alternatively, try our RC digger in two sizes to practice excavating on a tiny scale.

For the sailors, you can enjoy our RC boats to navigate your pool or other small bodies of water. Then for something different, our RC drone with camera offers creative entertainment but is also ideal for more serious aerial surveillance and photography.

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Take the joy and skill of 4X4ing, transforming, boating, flying, and mechanics to your home on a small scale. We offer eight convenient payment options and New Zealand-wide shipping.