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Pet cage (large)


Portable pet cage from Supermenu

Shop pick up in Auckland and postage available nationwide.

Features of the Pet cage from Supermenu:

-Pet cage comes with a latch lock to keep everything safe
-Pet cage made of pvc plastic
-Pet cage easily access door to the inside of the cage
-Pet cage secure closures to prevent pets from escaping
-Pet cage portable for easy transport or movement.
-Pet cage with reasonable price

Specifications of the Pet cage from Supermenu:

- Product size : 600mm L x W 400mmx 380mm H
- Net weight : 3900g
-Pet Cage Liner : 550mmx350mm

Package Content of Portable pet cage from Supermenu:
-1 x pet cage reasonable price
-1 x pet cage keep everything safe
-1 x pet cage with latch lock

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