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Pressure Cooker 5L (22cm)


High pressure cooker 5L stainless steel premium 304 grade brand new from Supermenu

Cook 70% faster and save time with this new high pressure cooker. This high pressure cooker cooks any meat and veges including chicken and fish. Did you know that pressure cooked food retains up to 50% more vitamins & minerals?

This high pressure cooker is made with premium 304 food grade stainless steel which is heavy-duty and durable. This stainless steel also provides better heat distribution.

Pressure cooker going once! Pressure cooker going twice! Pressure cooker going in two minutes! Pressure cooker going in one minute! Pressure cooker going is yours today!

Features of this high pressure cooker:
- Pressure cooker has automatic safety device of open-close of the lid
- Cool touch handles with safety locking lid.
- Rust proof stainless steel
- The anti-blocking device with a pressure-restrict valve
- Spring type safety-device
- Pressure control warning device
- Silica Gel seal-ring
- 1.2mm thick cooker wall

Specifications of pressure cooker:
- Capacity of pressure cooker: 5 Litres
- Size of pressure cooker: 22cm
- 304 stainless steel food grade material
- Wall thickness of pressure cooker: 1.2mm
- Bottom thickness of pressure cooker: 5mm
- Working Pressure: 72-88 Kpa
- Safety Pressure: 112-160 Kpa
- Release Pressure: 160-280 Kpa

Package of high pressure cooker:
1 x high pressure cooker

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