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Wall Clock


Wall clock brand new.

This wall clock easy and clear to see. Quiet - no ticking sound.

This wall clock is silent. No need to worry about the constant ticking. Now you can peacefully focus on your work and enjoy a good night sleep.

Brilliant colour that fits with all your home furniture.

This wall clock is made with quality material, perfect for long-term use.

Wall clock going once! Wall clock going twice! Wall clock going in two minutes! Wall clock going in one minute! Wall clock is yours today!

Features of wall clock:

- Wall clock is high-quality movement to guarantee accurate time
- Size of wall clock is 30cm in diameter
- Wall clock has silent non-ticking technology to eliminate distractions
- Wall clock has back nail slot makes it easy to install and hang on walls

Specifications of wall clock:

- Dimensions of wall clock: 300mm diameter x 40mm thick
- Color of wall clock: Black wall clock with white letters.
- Wall clock runs on one AA battery.

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